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Our Standards

At MacLellan & Moffatt Group Consultants, we aim to do all our work with independence, fairness, and integrity. As independent consultants, you can count on us to make objective recommendations based on your specific benefit needs.


Employee Group Benefits Service Standards

Plan Renewal

Your policy will typically renew every 12 months. When renewing your existing arrangement, we offer a full analysis of the insurer’s proposal to ensure pricing and included benefits are fair and in-line with the market.

Components of the renewal review include:

  • Quarterly monitoring of claims usage and premiums paid
  • Semi-annual review and pre-renewal discussions
  • Negotiation of renewal pricing and review of included benefits
  • Reporting for life and disability claimants
  • Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) utilization
  • Drug claims reporting
  • Administrative Review
  • Review of Plan Design


Market Study

If you aren’t satisfied with the service provided by your current carrier, or if renewal pricing is higher than what is expected in the market, we’d recommend testing the competitiveness of your current plan with a market study.

Components of the market study include:

  • Request for quote will be sent to major insurance providers
  • Review of pricing and plans to determine best fit for your business’ requirements
  • Easy-to-understand delivery of results and plan recommendation
  • Implementation of the selected plan and rollout of policy to the plan administrator and plan members


Group Pension Service Standards

A group retirement savings plan is an essential component of any compensation package. Through education and proactive consultancy, our job is to help employees feel engaged in their own retirement planning process.

Group pension service standards include:

  • Retirement advice for employees from Certified Financial Planners
  • Investment advice for new employees
  • Unlimited access to our office for individual advice
  • Underlying fund performance reviews
  • Ensurance of competitively-priced investment management fees
  • Member education seminars or one-on-one sessions. Topics covered include:
    • Fund selection information
    • Asset allocation information
    • Review member risk profile
    • Pre-retirement
    • Provider’s online services